4 nights alone is too much…

Now, for those of you who are military families/husband’s who travel a lot, I apologize for my weakness. I am so amazed that you guys do this so much and with honor and courage. For me, I have had two weeks this August of basically no husband at home due to his work…HE IS A TEACHER PEOPLE! And one more next month for another training. Not that it is his fault. I am glad he is having fun this week in one of my most favorite towns in Colorado, Buena Vista, with all his students and co-workers.

Last night was the last straw…let’s just say that four night’s in a row of reading pregnancy stories, researching twin pregnancy statistics, blogs on twins, scanning “to-do” lists for preparations for twins, absorbing horror labor stories, etc. has not been good for me. I have no self-control when it comes to googling about twin pregnancy. I am thoroughly fascinated by it. I tell myself that I want to be prepared as much as possible…which is mostly true. But then, what does it do? It keeps me up for much of the night. On top of that, I have had some serious Braxton Hicks the last few days. When you are alone this much at night, your mind makes you a little psycho. (And I should mention, no t.v.) So, in my frustrated state last night @ 3 a.m., I made a promise to myself- no more researching twin pregnancy info, no more pregnancy books, and onto other things. For crying out loud, there are other things going on in the world that have nothing to do with my twin pregnancy. EGO-CENTRIC-LAND DISAPPEAR. I will trust that my body will do what God has designed it to do. I seriously couldn’t possibly fill my head with new information…I have heard/read every symptom explained in numerous ways- medically, naturally, humorously, seriously, obsessively….

So, I am onto reading bigger and better things in my quiet times at night. Which is funny in itself- I would much rather be nesting in the nursery and folding little outfits, blankets, etc. But my exhaustion of two heavy babies in my overstretched tummy and two VERY ACTIVE children who push my body each day gets the better of me. The couch and a good read win each night.

So, here’s to you on this “morn” (as Copey likes to say)…to newfound freedom in just letting these next ten weeks and the world of twindom be as what may.

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