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Well this is week 31 for us! It is so hard to believe that we are already here…craziness. We just keep pluggin’ along. I am grateful that we had our month long excursion to GA this summer so it made the second trimester fly by. Now, as day goes by I feel more and more like I am having twins. I am bigger now than I ever was with Copey or Ry-man. And Ry was my big dude.
Last night, we had our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) kick off dinner for the ministry team. One of my friends there who is about a week behind me in her pregnancy and I chatted and commiserated together with our ailments. We both came to the conclusion that we are just tired of complaining. For me, I just can’t be positive no matter how hard I try. I am miserable in my physical body changes. I feel bad because I want to be upbeat and positive when people ask, “How are you doing??” But I am honest and say, “I am ready to be done. This is heavy.” And then to top it off- in all their precious and sweet hearts they say, “Well you are soooo tiny for twins.” ha. It is everything in me to not lift up my shirt and show them the dreaded torpedo belly that I was scared of a month ago. I want to hand them over the bowling ball that sits on my pelvic bones and makes my hips feel like they will give out. ANYWAY…enough ranting about that because honestly, you can’t win with my pathetic heart right now. ha. I honestly drive myself crazy with my attitude at the moment. Also, I am SO VERY GRATEFUL that God has given me this opportunity to have two miracles in my womb. It is just hard. And I want to be real. It has been no picnic. Nothing dramatic or horrible but just that everyday zap of energy and aches and ….see there I go again. STOP!
Ok, so onto today’s declaration: Be focused on the today of what I can do and appreciate. So, off to do all the Mom stuff, wife stuff, interior decorating the twins room, organizational challenges on how to fit everything, entertaining, feeding, etc.

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  1. Hey sweetie,Before you know it, they will be here! I know how much you're hurting, how much your body aches. You will bounce back, and I can only say that in reflecting on my own life and pregnancies, I wish I could go back to that time & do it again. Try to treasure it if only because this is your last time to experience it. I know it's so hard to be present and positive each moment. Let our Lord love on you, calm your anxiousness, or even your aches. Rest in His arms. He will comfort you when no one else can!! (I am saying all of this with a big smile, trying to be sweet! ha ha lol) ~Mom Chadwick

  2. Being pregnant stinks with one! So, I can only imagine twins. I think you are amazing. You hardly complain…and that makes the rest of us guilty! :)GO ahead, feel it. But we all know that you are grateful and feel blessed too. It has got to be hard!! Although, I know we all feel the pangs when we aren't pregnant. I think we get beyond it though when we know WE ARE DONE!!! I know I will. LOVE YOU.(and for real girl, you are the best looking, smallest, twin mommy ever….and you will be back to it soon. You are young. )

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