First Day of Preschool…again

We had a funny morning. Quite different than last years attempt at preschool. Copeland awoke with the excitement similar to Christmas morning. She quickly ate her breakfast then told me, “Mom, I’m gonna go get dressed, ok?” She picked out a pretty cute First Day of School outfit. I was impressed! And was ready to go an hour before we needed to even think about leaving. We walked to school and waited for the doors to open. Her Spiderman lunchbox proudly displayed waiting to be put in her cubby. She jumped right in and seriously, she said to me in a sweet voice, “Mom, can you go now, please?” ha.

So here we go. I am watching my daughter grow up and become even more independent than ever. I couldn’t be more proud. I am excited for this season for many reasons- her growth, her excitement for learning, her character developing as she is surrounded by a diverse community…so much! And it also marks a new chapter for me- a time home with just Ry (for a while anyway) and then it will be time home with just the boys. I am thankful for the one on one time for us, but a little part of me misses my little buddy Copey, too.

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