New Routines

Some New Theories/Routines We Got Goin’ On ‘Round Here:

Carry a tumbler of coffee around all morning. (yes, I am drinking coffee and nursing- you try feeding two babies in the night and trying to wake up to a toddler and four year old). ha.

*Try to get dressed and ready BEFORE kidlets arise. *keyword

TV is okay for a LOT of the day.

Play worship music on Pandora, not kid music, to get my heart refocused during the day.

Accept help from people who offer.

Preplan as much as I can and then be okay with going with the flow.

Get ready for bed by 7:20, fall asleep on couch by 8:30, then make myself wake up an hour later to go to bed and nurse babies.

2 responses to “New Routines”

  1. oh Kristen, thinking and praying for you! We are out of town this week but would love to help out when we get back. Just say the word! I will bring dinner for sure and then I can take Copey and Ry for the day (if you feel comfortable with that). I will get in touch when I get back and we can go from there!

  2. I was wondering about your new schedule and how it was working. We all adapt as we can. We have to. If tv gets you through, then that's ok. I nursed Asher on coffee AND wine. He seems ok. 😉

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