Our Local In-House Artist

Remember when I was astonished that parents “let” their own children draw on their walls??? Yea, that is funny. That concept of “Yes, you can draw on the walls of the bathtub with the bathtub crayon but you may not color on the other walls of our house” is just so complicated to our two year old’s mind. I wonder why.

And by the way, this is the second abstract art he has done in two weeks. Time to just embrace the beauty and just paint a wall with chalk paint and let the kid do his thing.

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  1. I think it would be a great addition to the dining room to have a wall with black chalk paint on it to draw on! What kid wouldn't love it and remember that? Ask Josh to tell you about Maria's room…when we first moved in this house, her room was a painted concrete wall & everyone would come over and draw on it with markers. I took a picture of it when we remodeled and it is a treasured memory of hers and all the kids. My friends have a door that they did that to and they use it as a prayer board. What a perfect place to have it..right next to the dining room table where you can pray as a family for people. Ryker might even think he is writing names of people he is praying for! =D And…I know someone in your house who can cover it over later with really cool wainscot and paint!! =D~Mom Chadwick

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