The Joy Peace Brings

I did it. Took a deep breath. Listened. Swallowed a humbling fact. My arms are too wild to focus on one thing well. So, I took a deep breath, relaxed, opened my eyes to what is important…now. This season = family focus. This is where I am. My efforts. My time. My energy will be here. Within this family. My ministry. Fretting over getting out the door is no longer an issue. Destress. Although my heart is sad over the community I will miss, I am at peace. And when mama is at peace…well you know the rest. Sigh.

One response to “The Joy Peace Brings”

  1. Big sigh, girl! But I agree with you. Peace and order in the home brings more joy than can be imagined. Your children are so blessed to have a mom and dad who are focused on them through the Holy Spirit's leading! Much fruit will come from this, I promise! Love you all! Mom C

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