I got bruises on my knees for you…

I wasn’t running on the path. I was walking. Then I got cramps in all of my being. I felt so thirsty. Then I fell. There on the ground. My strength was gone. My tongue dry. Discouraged. Two scrapes upon my knees. My hands revealing my hard hit to the ground. But now the ground felt so comfortable. I didn’t have to feel all the things that hurt me. I surrendered to the hard gravel below me. And you came, put your strong hand upon my back gently. Not saying a word. Not taking away the pain. Not letting me stay down there. I knew, just from your hand. I was not made to laid down, but to stand. And run. You helped me up. Tears of understanding in your own eyes. And your own bleeding palms brushing off my boney knees. And your belief in me set my chin back up to face the horizon. Onward we go.

2 responses to “I got bruises on my knees for you…”

  1. I can understand this. I haven't felt much like getting up though.

  2. Not mosh…ugh!

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