Never thought I’d say this…

But I get nauseas just thinking about coffee these days. No desire to drink it or smell it or make it. It’s like a pregnant moment. This is all apart of my body detoxing and healing.

A week before my detoxing began I said to some friends, “Wow, I could never give up my coffee.” Seriously, I was so amazingly addicted to it and thought how in the world would I survive without it. My sleep deprived self couldn’t fathom a morning without my comfort-in-a-cup. Or my afternoon pick me up drive thru to Starbucks. A week later I started my detox regimen and I slowly started getting sick to my stomach when I poured a cup of joe in the morning. Then slowly I petered off of my addiction and now I don’t even miss it. I am so glad I am off of it. I dearly and devotedly gave my heart to Starbucks many years ago and I have claimed it back. So freeing. I am being dramatic, but I am way proud of myself.

Just a quick update on my detox: Things are going okay. I am still dealing with the side affects of detoxing like nausea but I feel overall great. I am not exhausted but actually have more energy. I love/hate that I can feel things now that I am off of Lexapro. It is a blessing to be off but it is hard to feel all the emotions that come up. But I think its a good thing to feel them. I have felt so numb from the world for so long. I probably have one more week on my set of supplements right now then I will go onto more intense detox program. I am excited. The clay baths that I take are just plain crazy. I am tempted to just scoop some out and put some in a jar to see if it does the same thing as it does in the tub with me in it. My skeptic side comes out. But I also know I do feel different afterwards. My body doesn’t know how to respond to its new found freedom of mercury. I get sick and oh so thirsty. It is fascinating.

Another thing I am going to do on my own is juicing. Josh and I watched a documentary about juicing last night and were stunned at how simple it seemed. We eat so much crap. We have everything backwards in our brains. One big meat on the plate plus a starch and another carb and maybe a vegetable. Veggies and fruit should be 95% of what we eat. No wonder our bodies are in turmoil. We are obese. We are a sick country. I for one am excited to spur on others to just simply think about what you eat. It WILL affect you. We are such a society of “Well, its available so I will eat it.” “Its convenient.” How do we/I step out of that and just get the fact that fruits and veggies are in need of being the majority of our plate. Now, don’t misunderstand me. I love me a gluten free bun and nice thick burger…its all about moderation. And another great question the man on “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dying” asked that got me thinking, “Who decided we needed three meals a day?” Think about that for awhile.

If your interested in finding out more on juicing go to http://www.jointhereboot.com

PS…And no, shockingly, I never got a caffeine headache.

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