There’s Something About Mary

I finally did it. After four years of hearing it over and over again. I put my to-do list down. My motive was more of “Oh my goodness what the heck is wrong with you two?!” “I will do anything for you guys to stop fighting.” So, I stopped doing my normal morning chores of cleaning dishes, putting away breakfast tornadoes and just walked my grumpy attitude to the middle of the living room floor in hopes that if I played with them they would stop hitting each other. On top of my frustration motivation, I also had a thought in the earlier moments that morning about where would Jesus be right now. He would be right there playing with my Little Tank and Sweet Pea. He would be laughing and enjoying every bit of the pretend world of My Little Pony and Cars.
So there I was sitting there with my four year old and two year old playing Rapunzel with three My Little Ponies. And I loved it. I loved how my Sweet Girl was so precise on reenacting the movie of “Tangled.” And I loved that Little Tank just wanted to destroy and knock down the other ponies. He did try for a minute to go along with his big sis’ plans but the man in him got the better of him. We played so many different games and toys and built and destroyed. I enjoyed my children. So many times I have enjoyed them. But not like this. I was there in the moment with them. Actively participating in their world. I like it there. Worries of cleanliness seemed so petty. We continued on with our day with a picnic to the park. Two happy older kidlets proudly ate their lunch together with peace. Then they played together on the playground. What peace. I am so blessed. We are blessed the most, I believe, when we just stop and be in the moment. Don’t miss those moments of just being there. Forget the dishes, the to-do list, the bills (ha)…and just be with your children. A friend told me yesterday after my fun day, “You know, they won’t remember your house being clean. But they will always remember how you got down and played with them.” Ahhh…refreshing isn’t it. I thought so. I loved that even though the house was a disaster, it showed that I did well today as a mom. I had no guilt when Josh came in the door to find toys every which direction, but I was proud of my willingness to just be with our children.
Now, here’s the challenge for myself: I must do this continually or I will miss that chance to really be with my kids. God has given me four. So, I better be on my knees right there with them.

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  1. It is hard to put away the to do list!! Trust I know :-)I studied the picture of your kids. I'm jealous. I wish my kids were still that young and innocent. Everyone says it, but it is SO true – Time flies SO quickly.

  2. Brick imprint on the face! Well said, Kristin. Living in the moment is not easy, but is oh so necessary.

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