Thankful for Miracles

I thought, how could I write about such great things Our Great Physician is doing in such a small box called “status” on Facebook. It has been a month now. I have mulled and chewed and continue to do so. My little American brain cannot fully grasp what happened. Only my Savior and through my Savior could do so. I have wanted to blog about it. Write it all out, but even if I tried to speak of it, I made spaghetti of my words. So I just sat with it. I still feel like I need to sit with it more, but I also wanted to give Him glory on this Thanksgiving Day.

Most of you know the issues with health my family has had over the past four or five years. Out of the love of Josh’s parents, we were given a gift to see their special naturopath. You know me, I love naturopathy, as this is what I want to do! But I did not expect this. Not only were we able to see her, she and her husband drove down from Castle Rock to be with us for a whole day. They have these amazing gifts that God has given them. The gift of discernment, the gift of healing, the gift of intercession…now, if you aren’t a Christian I am sure this sounds so out there. IT IS! But God is even more out there!  Ha, anyway…they came and immersed themselves in our family. Counseled and prayed with us. God rocked my socks off. Our socks off. Let me give you a few examples of what Christ did through our time together: He released us from things we were holding on to which then in turn healed us from physical ailments: celiac (YEP! You read that right), my egg intolerance, my monthly rash is almost completely healed!, Sawyer’s breathing issues, his hives, Emerson’s low immunity, Ryker’s behavioral issues, etc.

Now, not to say we are not still fighting a battle each day, we are! Oh more than ever! But to know Jesus the way the people who suffered in the New Testament did is the biggest blessing. He gave us miracles! MULTIPLE! How can you argue with that? It all points back to Jesus. Him who had the power to go to hell in my place for my sins, rose back up to Heaven in VICTORY.  I know some of you do not believe what I believe. And this may seem so wacky. Some of you may even believe what I believe and STILL may think it is out there. That’s okay. I just hope it makes you think.

And for those of you curious about what we do each day for eating: we still are cautious about what we eat. Our food is less than perfect in our world, so we still need to be careful. No processed flour. No GMOs. No pasteurized dairy. But our bodies really like sprouted grains, raw dairy, and yummy fruits and veggies. But what is awesome is that my children and I can eat without fear! We have to be smart with what we eat still, but no more chains of fear and physical repercussions. I used to get fever blisters ANY time I was glutened…now, nothing! And my eating eggs would send me in a four hour stomach pain nightmare…today I get to eat scrambled eggs with no pains! I guess really all I can say is Hallelujah. Though the battle still carries on, I am blessed.  Thankful for the power of my God and His Love for our family.

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

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  1. Kris love this!! what a testimony you have of your health and healing. This will all be so worth it in the end, I can see so much good coming from it. Love you!! and so thankful for you, friend.

  2. Amazing!!!! Thanking God along with you, and I'd love to hear more later!Love to you, friendmelis

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