The Heavenly Commission- Black Friday Sale!!

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The Heavenly Commission Online Course

Black Friday SALE– 30% off!!!

Discover your Heavenly Commission: Kingdom Identity, Kingdom Mission, Kingdom Based Goals for the New Year.  


One of my former course participants and now coaching client wrote this encouraging review about my online courses:

“Have you ever thought about the opportunity of creating a two way relationship with Jesus? 

Or going beyond the “checking the boxes” steps of being a Christian (going to church, praying, paying tithes)?

Kristin does such an amazing job at suggesting different ways to re-enage your heart and takes you on a journey to dig deeper into your soul to be able to find out what you, individually, want from your spiritual relationship as a follower of Jesus.


I loved being able to try a new technique each week of connecting with Jesus…It really took me out of my comfort zone and opened up many masked feelings from my life journey in a positive and enlightening way.


One of my favorite parts of the way Kristin leads us is using Encounters to personally connect with Jesus and showing us how to create a two-way communication through visions and journaling.

I highly recommend that everyone goes through a course like this!


It is a positive growth experience of self discovery where you will learn much about what you desire from your soul to create a more connected relationship with Jesus and find contentment and peace in your heart.”



Curious to hear more? Listen to my podcast episode where I go into more depth of what this Spiritual Coaching online course is all about. Click here.


I cannot wait to guide more and more Believers into their identity by helping YOU understand how valuable you are to the Kingdom! 


Here are some tips for deciding which “Heavenly Commission” package is right for you!


There are two packages to choose from:


Silver Package: 8 weeks of online course material including weekly teaching videos, PDFs, opportunities to practice listening and discerning the voice of the Lord, and digging into the practical ways of listening for identity, mission, and goals. As well as, opportunity for FB group support.  


Gold Package: All of the above, including 1:1 Spiritual Breakthrough Coaching with me throughout the program so we can partner up and discover even more of what God has for you specifically.  Only 10 spots are available! 


Sign Up Here Today for Your Exclusive 30 % off discount for Black Friday through Cyber Monday 2020. 


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