7 Dye Free/ Corn Free/ Gluten Free Candy Options for the Whole Family

“Healthier” Choices for Halloween Candy for Kids

Dye Free/Corn Free/Gluten Free

For many years I would dread Halloween because I knew a battle was coming. Not only would I dread it, but it was such a disappointment for my kids at school parties or after the trick-or-treat walk-a-thon, they would hear us say, “No,” to every candy they just received. The reason I had to say no was they each had allergies and sensitivities to multiple foods. I would battle in my mind if the initial saying “no” was worth the battle that would ensue afterward if they did opt in to ingesting these candies.

As a young mama, this would be so overwhelming. Thankfully the world has started to understand and create candies which kids with sensitivities can enjoy. And for that I am so grateful.

The years have rolled on, and we have come up with some stellar swap-outs! We still modify and adjust our kiddos candy stash after they Trick-or-Treat but at least this mama is not stressed, and my kids can enjoy feeling like they haven’t missed out.

7 Dye Free, Corn Free, Gluten Free Candy Alternatives for Halloween

Below is a compiled list of Dye Free/Corn Free/Gluten Free candy. I am well aware there are other allergies like nuts and dairy so you’ll have to double check our list (Dye Free/Gluten Free/Corn Free) before you purchase.

My heart is to encourage you, Mama, and to make this fun little holiday be stress free.

1. Swap Starbursts with YumEarth Organic Chews. 

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Do you have a favorite Candy alternative for kids? Or let’s be honest, for adults too. Comment below!

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  1. Citric acid is a corn product. Unfortunately, Yum Earth has citric acid or corn starch in most of tgeir products. I have been finding that corn products are more difficult to avoid than gluten.

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