A Three Minute Pause: What Do You Love About Me, Jesus?

As a part of a new segment on Wholistic Hearts, I have felt the Holy Spirit nudge me to create these 3-5 minute Encounters to help people quickly connect their mind, body, and spirit to the Trinity. Today’s “Three Minute Pause” is all about standing in front of the Bearded Man from Nazareth and asking him a simple yet profoundly moving question, “What do you love about me, Jesus?” Our relationship with God, others, and ourselves will always be grounded upon the LOVE that is received within our hearts.

In what measure are you able to RECEIVE his full love for you, today?

Leave a comment below of how this Three Minute Pause helped you today. Don’t forget to share with a friend! To find more Three Minute Pauses or Encounters, head to Wholistic Hearts Podcast to listen!

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