Taste and See the Lord is Good

Experiencing God's Peace Through Meditation/Encounters

As a part of Wholistic Hearts community, we are reading through Amy Brady's devotional, A Way in a Manger. Today's devotional was based off of one of my favorite verses- Psalm 34:8 “Taste and See that the Lord is good!”

I was telling my boys on the way to school that God is meant to be experienced, enjoyed, delighted in…a tangible experience. I told them, knowing a lot about Jesus or the Bible is like spending all day preparing for a meal and sitting down at the table and then saying- but you can't smell it, taste it, touch it or experience it. That's what a lot of Christians take their faith as. It breaks my heart! We are MEANT to taste and see He is good. Even in the hardest moments, it is HIS joy to let us EXPERIENCE God. 

Experience God for Yourself!

One way we can experience Him is through using our imagination to encounter Him in the Spirit. I encourage you to take a moment to “taste and see” the goodness of God in this quick meditation.

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