4 Reasons Why You Need a Podcast

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Top 4 Reasons You need to Start a Podcast if you are an Entrepreneur

3. Four Reasons Why You Need a Podcast if You are a Coach Wholistic Podcasting- Podcast Coaching for Female Entrepreneurs

Creating a podcast isn’t for everyone. It can be time consuming, expensive, and draining if not done strategically or without purpose.

However, starting a purpose filled podcast as an entrepreneur, coach, author, network marketer, and influencer can be one of the greatest marketing decisions you can make.

Here are the top four reasons:

  1. Increases Audience Reach

You can increase your audience reach by using podcasting. There are over 80 million FB pages out there. And according to Edison research there are more than 700,000 podcast shows. With 78% of Americans familiar with podcasts and only 57% have listened to a show, we have incredible room to grow and expand podcast listeners. *(The Infinite Dial)

Podcasting continues to grow in popularity which means your show has an opportunity to reach your specific audience.

Not only is podcasting a great tool for you to increase your audience through publishing your podcast alone, but you can also use it to cross promote with like-minded people on other podcasts. Increasing your audience means more prospective clients.

  1. Brings Value

If you enjoy helping others and teaching to bring value, you’ll love podcasting. Being a coach sets you up for an excellent way to bring incredible value to potential clients.

You get to bring your expertise you have in this arena while also serving others.


You bring value and your audience gets value.

Another trick too, if you do FB lives or do live Zoom trainings- you can use repurpose your audio to either take a sneak peak into your program or  you can just share it to your audience without having to record another session 

  1. Builds Trust with Your Audience

We have all heard of the know, like, trust factor. Podcasting is the tool to help your future client really begin to trust you. For example, if you want to share how you coach, a listener is able to not only draw wisdom from your interaction but also will taste what it is like to be coached by you through listening to your show.

They get to know you!

You are building a relationship with your audience.

Sharing your story allows your audience to feel like they know you, which in turn helps them to say yes to your offer. As Kristen Boss says, “Selling doesn’t have to be gross.”

Sharing your story via a social media post is one way to communicate, BUT utilizing your voice, your emotion, your personality through a long form podcast builds trust because of authenticity. 

  1. User Friendly

Podcasting is incredibly user friendly. I personally know I pause and play a handful of podcasts throughout the day. The OnDemand style is attractive to the listener. Unlike radio or YouTube, you can listen while you do other tasks like walking or cleaning or working out.

Accessibility allows podcasting to be an easy go-to for your future client to listen.

We are a Netflix on Demand, binge junky society. The easier it is to access your content, the better the probability of someone listening and following you. People love the opportunity to press play and go.


With these four reasons, it is a no brainer for you to start a podcast. If you are ready to take the next step in your dream of starting your own podcast to help you reach more of your ideal clients, sign up for your free 30 minute “Want to Start a Podcast” consultation today. Just click the calendar below and let’s get started!

*Cite The Infinite Dial http://www.edisonresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/The-Infinite-Dial-2021.pdf

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