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This Could Be the Reason Your Podcast is Not Growing

Are you a podcast owner looking for ways to increase exposure and visibility with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques?

Podcasting and SEO go hand in hand to ensure your content is properly indexed and ranked by search engines, helping your podcast to gain maximum exposure and reach a larger audience.

In this article and in the episode “Podcast SEO” on Wholistic Podcasting, we discuss the key elements of podcasting and SEO and how they work together to create an effective podcasting experience.

Podcast Coach and Expert, Adam Schaeuble, shares how to use Apple Podcast Search bar to your advantage as a podcast.

First and foremost, Adam shares how optimizing your podcast show name is of utmost importance.

“Let’s talk a little bit about my recipe for a podcast title because this is where people are messing up. We tend to get really creative and our hearts just get set on this weird title that means something to us. However, I want two very important things: I want some sort of keyword and I want an identifier so people know who it’s for and who it’s not for.”

“When you give me the name of your show, I should instantly know what your podcast is about and who is it for.”

So as you start your podcast or maybe you have a podcast and are realizing it does not have these important keywords, you can switch it up!

Secondly, Adam explains the importance of having your podcast art tile represent your show well. Your podcast art should reflect the nature of your podcast topic.

Third, when you create a great Podcast Title, and appropriate Podcast Art tile, you can get creative with your content. This is where you can throw in your puns, your creative threads, and your personality.

Listen to the Wholistic Podcasting for more SEO tips from Adam Schaeuble.

[Episode 61] Podcast SEO

SEO is the real deal, and Adam Schaeuble from Podcasting Business School is here to give listeners the low down on SEO for your podcast. SEO is essential, but the information can get fuzzy when it comes to podcasting. Tune in as Adam gives Kristin his most important rules regarding SEO for your podcast.

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