A January Recap for Wholistic Hearts

Time to do our monthly recap of The Wholistic Hearts podcast.

We kicked off the 2021 year with pursuing wholehearted, holistic living. We are called to live a life abundantly, and I believe it is when we step into wholeness with our whole heart, mind, soul, and spirit. Each episode was deliberate picked for the start of 2021 so that we can have a foundational truth on which to ground ourselves.

I had the pleasure of talking about what self care looks like in this season in a holistic approach.

Then we had a beautiful conversation with Darlene Kalawe about wholehearted, honest faith. It was filled with refreshing vulnerability and honesty.

The next week we talked about holistic nutrition with one of the best Transformational Coaches, Ashley Brooke Harbour.

And wrapping up the month of January, I dropped a new encounter to help us step into more of God's peace.

You can take a listen to all the January episodes below or on most of the podcast platforms.

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Top Ten Reasons to Invest In The Heavenly Commission

Pinterest Journal and Coaching

Top Ten Reasons to Invest in The Heavenly Commission Course

1. You will see how the Creator gently made you.

2. You will discover more of who YOU are created to be.

3. You will begin to align your Kingdom Identity to Your Kingdom Purpose.

4. You will unwrap the gift God has for you in this season.

5. You are choosing to live an intentional life.

6. Your goals are not just a shot in the dark but grounded in Kingdom Identity.

7. You begin to fall in the love with the process of becoming.

8. You actively participate in your gift of life which God has purposed for you.

9. You will walk in freedom in the places which have previously held you back.

10. You will walk away empowered, grounded, and equipped to stand in your Kingdom Identity.

To Sign Up for The Heavenly Commission 8 Week Online Course, go here.

Pursuing Holistic Living through Self-Care

Pursuing Wholistic Living Through Self Care

Jesus said, “You must love your neighbor in the same way you love yourself.” Sometimes we can forget the second half of this verse. Jesus grouped it into one of the most important commandments!

Loving ourselves entails digging into the deep places of our hearts and tending to all parts of us. This is done through self care.

In pondering this topic of self care, I became aware of the importance of RECEIVING. Receiving means we are accepting a gift. Self care offers us a chance to:

Receiving Rest when you are a go-getter.

Receiving Love in the calloused places of our hearts.

Receiving the Kindness of the Holy Spirit to soften our hardened souls.

Receiving Affirmation from your Creator when we are criticizing our bodies.

Receiving the Truth behind the lies we hold onto.

Receiving rest when we are tired.

Receiving care when we have used up all our resources to care for others.

Receiving Beauty where we have been lost in the to-do list.

So, my friend, how are you loving your self well in this wild and resilience building season? Listen to Wholistic Hearts Podcast today for some tangible ways to take care of your self.

Need help in Spiritual Breakthrough? I'd love to mentor you through the places where they seem shut down or closed off. Let's come together and design a coaching program for you to experience freedom and joy again. Find out more here.

Self Care and Boundaries

Breakthrough Coaching

Part of living holistically is learning to love your self well. One way to do that is through finding a mentor or a coach to speak into your life.

For me when I began working with a Holistic Lifestyle coach, I started to notice the areas in my life which I needed some serious boundaries. I grew up being a people pleaser. It is my default mode. “Don't rock the boat, Kristin.”

As my coach began to point out the areas where I actually was not practicing loving kindness towards myself. There were a lot of times in my life where I wanted to say no but I would say yes.

My own lack of boundaries and self care was leading to a sneaky underlying resentment and bitterness.

I began to feel sick to my stomach over commitments I made. I could feel the “no” response in my body yet I would say “yes” to this or that commitment.

Through coaching, I learned the word “no” was a gift.

Psalm 16:6 says “The boundary lines of the land have fallen for me in pleasant places…” Boundaries are actually a beautiful thing to grasp!

Through my Spiritual Breakthrough Coaching program, I can help you navigate healthy boundaries.

If you struggle with being over committed or a people pleaser, I'd love to come alongside and coach you!

Find out more about Spiritual Breakthrough Coaching, here.

From Drowning to Living in Freedom

Water Drowning

I woke up each morning feeling like I was treading water. I felt like I was drowning. My life felt completely overwhelming. My four kids all needed me beyond what I was able to do in my own strength. I felt disconnected from my hard working husband. I felt alone in my anxiety and the loss of who I was.

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A Christmas Gift Guide for the Spiritual Mama

Christmas- Gift- Wrapped Present

Rolling into the last month of 2020 is a bit like being on the end of a roller coaster. As a mom, we have all had to become flexible and roll with the upside loops and fast turns and sudden brakes of the coaster. More than ever, our hearts are needing soul care. Our spirits are craving solidarity and steady ground. I’ve compiled a Gift Guide for the Spiritual Mama of 2020. As a follower of Jesus, we are called to rest, which means ultimately we are called to receive. I pray for your heart to RECEIVE the external gifts and ideas for ways to take care of your heart as we round out the monumental page turner of a year- 2020.

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The Heavenly Commission- Black Friday Sale!!

The Heavenly Commission Online Course

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One of my former course participants and now coaching client wrote this encouraging review about my online courses:

“Have you ever thought about the opportunity of creating a two way relationship with Jesus? 

Or going beyond the “checking the boxes” steps of being a Christian (going to church, praying, paying tithes)?

Kristin does such an amazing job at suggesting different ways to re-enage your heart and takes you on a journey to dig deeper into your soul to be able to find out what you, individually, want from your spiritual relationship as a follower of Jesus.


I loved being able to try a new technique each week of connecting with Jesus…It really took me out of my comfort zone and opened up many masked feelings from my life journey in a positive and enlightening way.


One of my favorite parts of the way Kristin leads us is using Encounters to personally connect with Jesus and showing us how to create a two-way communication through visions and journaling.

I highly recommend that everyone goes through a course like this!


It is a positive growth experience of self discovery where you will learn much about what you desire from your soul to create a more connected relationship with Jesus and find contentment and peace in your heart.”



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