Taste and See the Lord is Good

Experiencing God's Peace Through Meditation/Encounters

As a part of Wholistic Hearts community, we are reading through Amy Brady's devotional, A Way in a Manger. Today's devotional was based off of one of my favorite verses- Psalm 34:8 “Taste and See that the Lord is good!”

I was telling my boys on the way to school that God is meant to be experienced, enjoyed, delighted in…a tangible experience. I told them, knowing a lot about Jesus or the Bible is like spending all day preparing for a meal and sitting down at the table and then saying- but you can't smell it, taste it, touch it or experience it. That's what a lot of Christians take their faith as. It breaks my heart! We are MEANT to taste and see He is good. Even in the hardest moments, it is HIS joy to let us EXPERIENCE God. 

Experience God for Yourself!

One way we can experience Him is through using our imagination to encounter Him in the Spirit. I encourage you to take a moment to “taste and see” the goodness of God in this quick meditation.

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A Three Minute Pause: What Do You Love About Me, Jesus?

As a part of a new segment on Wholistic Hearts, I have felt the Holy Spirit nudge me to create these 3-5 minute Encounters to help people quickly connect their mind, body, and spirit to the Trinity. Today's “Three Minute Pause” is all about standing in front of the Bearded Man from Nazareth and asking him a simple yet profoundly moving question, “What do you love about me, Jesus?” Our relationship with God, others, and ourselves will always be grounded upon the LOVE that is received within our hearts.

In what measure are you able to RECEIVE his full love for you, today?

Leave a comment below of how this Three Minute Pause helped you today. Don't forget to share with a friend! To find more Three Minute Pauses or Encounters, head to Wholistic Hearts Podcast to listen!

The Same Jesus

by Kristin Fields Chadwick

The same Jesus who appeared to Paul and turned his whole world around

The same Jesus who gave manna to the Jews in the desert

The Same Jesus who met my mom on our dirt road

The same Jesus who poured out abundantly my identity and over and over proved yourself faithful to your word

The same Jesusu who is trustworthy, reliable, wild, fun, peaceful, so very kind

The same Jesus who is incredibly real

The same Jesus who has turned my heartache into lifegiving wisdom for others

The same Jesus who meets me in encounters

The same Jesus who has carried us through very hard and chaotic seasons

The same Jesus who has guided us step by step in spiritual warfare

The same Jesus who has done miracles in our children

The same Jesus who calls out the gold in Joshua in his season of questioning

The same Jesus who sits with me in grief, anger, betrayal

The same Jesus who provided unprecedented amounts of food, money, provision for our family when there was no natural way

The same Jesus who gave us a home that was in our dreams

The same Jesus who romanced my heart even as a 3 year old singing in the woods of Georgia to the oceanside heartfelt chats as a 19 year old to the Grand Canyon moments of epiphanies

You are a faithful friend. 

Through and through. 

I love you Jesus. 

Thank you for the way you are through it all. 

To listen to more of where this poem was birthed out of, listen to Wholistic Hearts Podcast episode 82 “A Quick Devotional: Song of Songs 1:1-2”

I want to hear from you…

How has God come for your heart consistently over the seasons of your life?

Write your own “The Same Jesus…” and feel free to share to my private Facebook page or email me! I'd love to hear your unique story.

To Be Honest…


The reality is when we skip over being human, we skip over the opportunity to allow the Savior to be our Savior.  Here in the mess- the humanness of our hearts is exactly where we meet our closest friend. We invite Jesus into the mess. I have to be honest with myself and with Jesus about those deep rooted emotions and worries and places of exhaustion.  It’s a process. If I skip the step of process, I only pretend to have a wholeheart.

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Pursuing Connection

I wasn’t getting any better. I started methodically asking myself if there was a place for me to turn around. I needed to get out of this line of traffic. I began to feel panic. I was sweating and starting to nervously shake. I tried changing the music I was listening to. I tried praying. I tried breathing in for five, holding for five, and releasing for five- it only made it worse.

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A January Recap for Wholistic Hearts

Time to do our monthly recap of The Wholistic Hearts podcast.

We kicked off the 2021 year with pursuing wholehearted, holistic living. We are called to live a life abundantly, and I believe it is when we step into wholeness with our whole heart, mind, soul, and spirit. Each episode was deliberate picked for the start of 2021 so that we can have a foundational truth on which to ground ourselves.

I had the pleasure of talking about what self care looks like in this season in a holistic approach.

Then we had a beautiful conversation with Darlene Kalawe about wholehearted, honest faith. It was filled with refreshing vulnerability and honesty.

The next week we talked about holistic nutrition with one of the best Transformational Coaches, Ashley Brooke Harbour.

And wrapping up the month of January, I dropped a new encounter to help us step into more of God's peace.

You can take a listen to all the January episodes below or on most of the podcast platforms.

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Top Ten Reasons to Invest In The Heavenly Commission

Pinterest Journal and Coaching

Top Ten Reasons to Invest in The Heavenly Commission Course

1. You will see how the Creator gently made you.

2. You will discover more of who YOU are created to be.

3. You will begin to align your Kingdom Identity to Your Kingdom Purpose.

4. You will unwrap the gift God has for you in this season.

5. You are choosing to live an intentional life.

6. Your goals are not just a shot in the dark but grounded in Kingdom Identity.

7. You begin to fall in the love with the process of becoming.

8. You actively participate in your gift of life which God has purposed for you.

9. You will walk in freedom in the places which have previously held you back.

10. You will walk away empowered, grounded, and equipped to stand in your Kingdom Identity.

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