From Drowning to Living in Freedom

Water Drowning

I woke up each morning feeling like I was treading water. I felt like I was drowning. My life felt completely overwhelming. My four kids all needed me beyond what I was able to do in my own strength. I felt disconnected from my hard working husband. I felt alone in my anxiety and the loss of who I was.

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A Christmas Gift Guide for the Spiritual Mama

Christmas- Gift- Wrapped Present

Rolling into the last month of 2020 is a bit like being on the end of a roller coaster. As a mom, we have all had to become flexible and roll with the upside loops and fast turns and sudden brakes of the coaster. More than ever, our hearts are needing soul care. Our spirits are craving solidarity and steady ground. I’ve compiled a Gift Guide for the Spiritual Mama of 2020. As a follower of Jesus, we are called to rest, which means ultimately we are called to receive. I pray for your heart to RECEIVE the external gifts and ideas for ways to take care of your heart as we round out the monumental page turner of a year- 2020.

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The Heavenly Commission- Black Friday Sale!!

The Heavenly Commission Online Course

Black Friday SALE– 30% off!!!

Discover your Heavenly Commission: Kingdom Identity, Kingdom Mission, Kingdom Based Goals for the New Year.  


One of my former course participants and now coaching client wrote this encouraging review about my online courses:

“Have you ever thought about the opportunity of creating a two way relationship with Jesus? 

Or going beyond the “checking the boxes” steps of being a Christian (going to church, praying, paying tithes)?

Kristin does such an amazing job at suggesting different ways to re-enage your heart and takes you on a journey to dig deeper into your soul to be able to find out what you, individually, want from your spiritual relationship as a follower of Jesus.


I loved being able to try a new technique each week of connecting with Jesus…It really took me out of my comfort zone and opened up many masked feelings from my life journey in a positive and enlightening way.


One of my favorite parts of the way Kristin leads us is using Encounters to personally connect with Jesus and showing us how to create a two-way communication through visions and journaling.

I highly recommend that everyone goes through a course like this!


It is a positive growth experience of self discovery where you will learn much about what you desire from your soul to create a more connected relationship with Jesus and find contentment and peace in your heart.”



Curious to hear more? Listen to my podcast episode where I go into more depth of what this Spiritual Coaching online course is all about. Click here.


I cannot wait to guide more and more Believers into their identity by helping YOU understand how valuable you are to the Kingdom! 


Here are some tips for deciding which “Heavenly Commission” package is right for you!


There are two packages to choose from:


Silver Package: 8 weeks of online course material including weekly teaching videos, PDFs, opportunities to practice listening and discerning the voice of the Lord, and digging into the practical ways of listening for identity, mission, and goals. As well as, opportunity for FB group support.  


Gold Package: All of the above, including 1:1 Spiritual Breakthrough Coaching with me throughout the program so we can partner up and discover even more of what God has for you specifically.  Only 10 spots are available! 


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Top Ten Holiday Gift Ideas


Feel lost in what to give your spouse this year?

I know each year I struggle with what is the best gift to give to my husband.  So many options! So many sales! To make your life a little less stressful, Joshua and I decided we would help you out.


BeachBody OnDemand

A year’s worth of online workouts including yoga, mindfulness, HIIT programs, kickboxing, and the ultimate favorite P90X.  I love this gift every year because it gives me the option to workout at home and not have to worry about driving to the gym. They have quick workouts for any level, too.  Check out Beachbody Online Demand– $99 for the year.

I love keeping track of my steps- especially now that I work at home on the computer so much more than in the past.  So, my favorite tracker is the FitBit Charge. 

My all time favorite beanies are from CC Beanies. Keeps that noggin' warm all winter long.  So many cute colors and varieties.  

AirPods are a great way to listen to all your favorite podcasts like Wholistic Hearts! 

Blankets are my love language, so I am guessing your lady would love this one, too. Bonus: it's weighted!


Listen to your favorite worship, news radio, or book throughout the home with the new Echo Dot

The Firestick is a great gift as you can pick what you'd like to watch through apps on your tv. 

Keep a close shave with this turbo wet/dry Pitbull Platinum Pro Razor.

Audible is one of my go-to's! I find myself listening to audiobooks as I drive to and from work or even when I am working around the house. 

Yeti is the gold star of all mugs. Guaranteed to keep my coffee warm all day.  And it's super durable, so it won't chip away or crack or dent.  

*I am an Amazon Affiliate and this helps me keep doing the blog, podcast, and ministry! I appreciate your holiday shopping clicks! 

When You’re Tired of Being Resilient and Flexible

Episode 34 Show Notes

When You're Tired of Being Resilient and Flexible
Wholistic Hearts Episode 34 When You're Tired of Being Resilient and Flexible

I sure am tired of being resilient, being flexible. Life has been full of plot twists and shifts beyond the typical temporary foreseeable future.  For most people 2020 has been a season of character development.  We are rounding out the year with another round of our world making adjustments to the ever changing pressing need of protecting ourselves from a virus.  I have a whole episode in me about the ways to actually take the offense on a healthy immune system vs a defensive position against this covid.  But that will be for next time…

This week has been a doozy around here.  For those of you who don’t know, I have been homeschooling one of my four kiddos, while the other three were in school via a hybrid system and a full time system.  The three school attendees were sent home this week because of a positive covid case in their school and many others who have been exposed. I seriously doubt we have made it almost a year without exposure to someone who has corona.  Navigating three students online, one homeschooled, and working on my podcast production business and continuing to build my own business has been tiring.  Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for each thing.  All is a gift.  We also have been grieving as a family because we have lost two grandparents within three weeks.  There is grieving to be had around here, as well.  

Yesterday as Joshua and I were walking our Banner Dog, I said, “I’m tired of being resilient. I’m tired of being flexible.”  Do you ever feel that way? You just want to sit on the floor and just pout? I sure do. There are days when I feel on top of the world and there are days when I feel like I am standing in the middle of that quote “If you’re dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.”  The fear of the unknown, the uncontrollable, the lack of structure really freaks me out.  So, I wanted to invite you into my process…when I feel like I just don’t have it in me to be flexible or resilient.  

First, I take a quick moment and breathe. I picture my head laying on Father God’s chest and hearing his heart beat. Aligning my own beat to his.  My anxious thoughts, my reeling head begins to slow.  I focus on the present moment.  This is all I have. This moment. How do I lean in and trust and surrender to this moment?  I will tell you that in the midst of homeschooling- I’ve never learned this more quickly in my motherhood-  be present.  Be present. Be present. Use your five senses to help ground you into the moment.  AKA mindfulness.  And trust that He is in the moment.  Even if you don’t feel Him.  Then I make a list of the 1 or 2 things I could do the rest of the hour, day, evening that will help push the needle more towards my goals.  Then,  I thank God. I list out in my journal the things I am grateful He did. And then…I rest.  And I give myself validation. It has been a lot. And that’s okay. He is building in me character and perseverance.  

That’s a little snippet of my process…and you know how that process developed? Lots of practice! Lots of asking God what works for me. Lots of working through old patterns of thinking with a coach.  Lots of digging into WHO I AM, Who He Has created me to be. The most important is the constant going back to Jesus and being real, asking for Him to reveal the Truth, and asking for help along the way.  

Resilience is vital to life.  My hats to you, Mama, Teachers, Parents who are all developing our character muscle this year.  And let’s remember that Jesus has a big hug for those of us who have become weary of the unending flexibility this season has to offer.  It’s like endless opportunities of practicing resilience.  Jesus said, “Are you weary, carrying a heavy burden? Then come to me. I will refresh your life, for I am your oasis.”  Matthew 11:28.  We have more of an opportunity than ever to discover the Truth offered here.  Do we KNOW this in the core of our being? He didn’t say we would be without trial but He did say, He is an oasis.  So, how do you turn to Jesus in the moments of weariness? Do you picture talking to Him? Do you participate in a relational interaction? He is offering refreshment…will you take a drink?  Will you accept the invitation to meet with Him? He is our oxygen. He is the reason and the explanation when people ask me all the time, “How do you do it all?”

If you don’t know how to do that, let me help you! I’d love to coach you in this process. Visit my coaching page and check it out.

Sunday Routine

Some of the most common comments I get from people when they see our big family or hear we have four kids is “I don’t know how you do it all!” I get it. It comes from a place of them trying to wrap their head around all the moving parts. And today, I’d love to share with you the tips and tricks I have found to be most helpful in trying to set up our week successfully.

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Struggling with Sleeping?

Struggling Sleeping?

Hey Mama…you struggling to go to sleep at night? Are you tossing and turning?

I have heard more than ever that people's sleep is being affected. No doubt there is a lot of anxious energy in the air with the political environment coming to a head, the never-ending pandemic, school in and outs, etc. No wonder we are having a hard time sleeping.


Studies show that we, as Mamas– meaning you and me – are largely incapable of realizing that we're sleep deprived. 


Or maybe we DO REALIZE IT and are begging for a solid night sleep around here.

When you’re sleep deprived, you’re largely unable to perform your best, look your best, and feel your best…

The truth of the matter is, that there's nothing that will break you faster than poor sleep.


(Can I get a box of tissues please?! I seriously turn on my water works as soon as I have a poor night's sleep)


On the flip side, there’s nothing that will improve your health, mood, and performance more (and more quickly) then sleeping well.


If you’re tired of being tired and ready for quality, restorative sleep, then you need to check out my friend Dr. Kirk Parsley’s Sleep Remedy.


It was originally developed for Navy SEALs, but it’s safe and effective for business owners, athletes, and stay-at-home moms and dads.


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