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    Pack of 6 Sessions Holistic Coaching Package

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    Pack of 6 Sessions Holistic Coaching Package

    Through the Holistic Coaching 6 week program, I will come alongside you with the help of Holy Spirit- to help you set goals for your personalized physical, spiritual, mental, and relational well being.  Through daily interaction via an online platform, I will be able to help you discover ways you can gain clarity and forward movement. You will get a weekly coaching call to evaluate your progression and support in the places which may need more investigation.  My goal in coaching you through holistic coaching is that you end the 6 weeks with tangible transformation spiritually, as well as physically.

    2 reviews for Pack of 6 Sessions Holistic Coaching Package

    1. Krystal

      I signed up for coaching with Kristin because throughout the last decade, I slowly let fear take over my life instead of my faith. I had let life circumstances and emotions veer me away from the normal “church going lifestyle” and tucked my emotions away instead of diving back into my faith. I was frustrated seeing faith just one way and seeing it in not a positive light through the walk of life. I was living every day for what needed to get done and not for what God’s purpose for me was. I didn’t feel like there was time for “me” or thought I’d care what my purpose was to be honest. By the end of my spiritual coaching sessions from Kristin, I learned that there is a season for everything, we must take care of ourselves to be able to take care of our next generation. I walked away with a new found light showing me that we can reconnect with Jesus and that we can do this all day, every day, not just on Sundays and not just a nightly prayer. My heart was ignited with passion for faith and I have learned that I must tend to it daily and can continue to grow it.

    2. Lindsay

      I spent six weeks doing Spiritual Coaching with Kristin and it was an incredible time of growth for me. Truthfully, I felt like I would during some of my Bible studies where I didn’t know one book of the Bible from the other, and when someone talked about James, I had to go Google it to make sure I knew the stories and wasn’t left behind. None of that was reality. Kristin got to know me, my heart, my journey, my doubts. She asked me questions and asked me to talk to God to find the answers. She guided me in that experience so that I understood how to use the relationship that I had with Him to connect, and then used those steps to continue to strengthen the relationship. Kristin was able to take what I knew already, draw upon it, and dig even deeper. Never once was I uncomfortable, and in fact, I was yearning for more. She also took the time to figure out what worked for me so that we could maximize our time together and maximize the investment in my relationship with Him. I learned more about myself, my child, my spouse, my God, and the person who He created me to be in 6 weeks than I had ever realized. I was able to reflect on both positive and negative experience in my life and draw upon His vision for me and understand it so deeply. Kristin was also able to help me nail down my purpose through Him, and I have been so excited to have my eyes opened to all the potential He has left within me, and all the clues he has been leaving along the way. I highly recommend working with Kristin no matter where you are in your Spiritual journey. Even if you are like me and have to Google who was the wife of Abraham, Kristin will be your compass on your journey closer to Him.

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