Podcast Bootcamp: From Idea to Launch 8 Week Group Coaching Program


An 8 Week Podcast Bootcamp to help female entrepreneurs launch their podcast.


If you are a female entrepreneur ready to amplify your voice into the world, this 8 Week Group Coaching bootcamp is for you!

If you want to skip the overwhelm and launch your podcast through our proven step by step process with a community of like-minded women, this group is for you!

Skip the hours and hours of searching and “trying to figure out” and allow us to help teach and coach you through the prelaunch of your podcast -which includes setting up your core values, your podcast content plan, and aligning your podcast with your business.  We then will cover all the practical tools like creating your podcast art tile, how to edit, how to get your voice online and onto your favorite podcasting apps.

Our main objective with the Podcast Bootcamp is to empower aspiring Christian female entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to launch and grow their podcasts successfully, fostering a transformative journey of being seen, being heard, being known, and making a lasting Kingdom impact.

In eight weeks, you will have a polished episode 1 and a podcast ready to take off and impact the world!


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