I’m so in love my family

So, the past few days, Copeland has figured out that hugs are so special. This morning she made Josh and I’s heart melt as she went back and forth giving us hugs. Then, she went right to Josh and planted a kiss right on his lips. For a girl who is “Miss Independent”, she is turning into our cute little sappy girl! And that’s my mommy moment for the day.

2 responses to “I’m so in love my family”

  1. ok. you are so cute. i heart you and i heart your heart. hmmm…i loved talking to you today! hope all is well in the world of brides… 🙂

  2. okay…i just changed my profile…i was fresh made ladies…and i wasn\’t supposed to be…just so you know i\’m not a stalker.heart. kelly

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