An Ear Infection, a fever, trip to the ER, and some precious moments

So, yesterday afternoon Copeland got up from her nap, playful yet unusually whiney. I sat her on my lap while she ate some yummy Nilla wafer crackers/cookies. I noticed she was really warm and decided to take her temperature. It was 102.2 degrees. So, I gave her some Tylenol and went on with our day. She played and danced to music. She is such a trooper. Hard to tell if she is feeling poopy. So, we went to put her to bed and she would not go to sleep on her own. She fell asleep in Daddy’s arms- which hasn’t happened since her newborn life. I sat on the couch at 7 pm asking Josh, “Can I go to bed now? I think its going to be a long night.” Lo and behold, my predictions or mom radar was correct. 10:45 I heard Copey fussing and went into her room. She just laid there. For my active social butterfly, that was a little odd. So, I stood there dazed in my “I just fell asleep mode” and thought, maybe she was dreaming. Then, I searched for her Paci and I touched her face and fear swept over my body. Her body was so hot! I gave her some Tylenol right off the bat. Then, I went in to tell Josh and had to do my WebMD research about fevers downstairs. Meanwhile, he went in and picked her right up. We searched for our thermometer and stuck it in her ear and it was 104.6! So, we called her the on-call nurse and they said, “You really need to take her in; it’s not good for a 15 month old to have such a high fever.” So, off we went to the ER at 11:15 last night. 3 hours later we found out she has a middle ear infection and for the fever just switch back and forth from motrin and tylenol. For all of you who know Copeland, you know she is Miss Independent. Last night, I had a sweet little angel who would not sleep unless laying on my chest. It was one of the most precious, tiring, intense nights with Copeland. We slept on her rocker in her room for about an hour- the same rocker my mom would rock me in when I had earaches as a kid. We slept in Josh and I’s bed for a couple more. Then, came downstairs and watched some T.V. and fell asleep for a few more hours. Now, she finally is sleeping by herself up in her crib. Clutching her blankey and bottle, she is more precious than rubies to me. And to Josh. There is no other feeling like that of feeling helpless to your own child. Thanks for those who prayed last night for us and today as well. I think Copeland has taken her fair share of trips to the ER for her little life. Hopefully, my mommy-sense will be more keen to her not feeling good. She is such a trooper.

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