The Waiting Game

So, yesterday’s appointment was just a quick check of Copeland’s anatomy. They have scheduled a ultrasound and a dye-injected catheter for Tuesday at Penrose Main. Unfortunately, Josh won’t be able to get off of work again, so that means I am called to step up, buck up, be strong and not pass out for my sweet and tough daughter. The ultrasound will be a piece of cake since they will just make her drink lots of water and then ultrasound her kidneys. The catheter is what I will struggle with. There is no pain than that of watching your child being hurt. Your whole insides want to grab her and run away but deep down you know its for the best. They are looking for a thing called reflux. Reflux is when urine travels back up the tubes to the kidneys. This can cause infection. In her urine culture they found 2 organisms, which the doc said is pretty common if they have reflux. Usually just random UTI’s have one bacteria- e.coli. Which by the way, a fascinating fact, that half of your poop is made up of e.coli. Gross huh? I thought it was interesting. ha. But like I said, she had two organisms in her urine. Ok, I am just processing by writing. Now, its a waiting game till Tuesday. My personal opinion is that she has another UTI but right now we have to wait, which is a hard thing for a mom to do when your child is hurting.

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  1. i will be praying for little copeland and for your upchuck reflex as well…i know all will turn out all good cause God has got your back…i heart you tons.love ya,kelly

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