Return of Normalcy

You know what I like? I like normal. I like the return of normal. Last week, as I drove around running to the store in my three hour sleep deprived body, I watched cars drive by going to their jobs or wherever, living their everyday life. I craved the normalcy. I love my monotonous days. I love the sound of my husband’s alarm clock in multiple increments in the dark hours of the morning. I love the sound of him getting ready for work behind the bathroom door. I love the quiet sound of Copeland’s room in the morning while she still dreams. I love getting up drearily and walking down the stairs looking forward to reaching for the coffee pot and creamer. I love my quiet times before Copeland gets up. I love our normal mornings of sharing breakfast together. I love our morning adventures to the YMCA or the store or to the gas station or to Target. I love the clock-work of nap time. I love the long and “what do I do next with Copeland to keep her entertained” afternoons. It’s ironic how just a couple of months ago, I said, “I feel so bored.” Yet, when our life in February got exciting in the not-so-good exciting sense of the word, I craved normalcy. The mundane. The normal parts of life. And here we are on this leap day, and things are jumping back into normalcy. I love it. Monotony can be so calming and reassuring that life needs to be jolted around a bit in order to really enjoy the peace.

Here is my latest picture of my healthy little munchkin reading the Bible. She loves to pretend like she is reading it. I am so proud.

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  1. hi. i love love lists. i wrote mine before seeing yours. why are we twins. i miss you and i am glad that copeland is doing well. i decided i miss you alot. loves, kelly

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