My Mom’s Visit…and Today’s Fun

Well, my week with my mom came and went so quickly. It was a breath of fresh air. Six full days of letting go and just being, well, spoiled. My heart warmed as I saw Copey greet Grandmommy with a huge hug that lasted at least five minutes. (this does not happen on a regular basis). From that point on, Copey wanted Grandmommy- not me. I was “so not cool” anymore. Besides, Grandmommy let her eat syrup for the first time, ride in the basket of the Target shopping cart, took her to Chick-fil-a, bought her an Easter dress, took us to Adam's Mountain Cafe (twice), took us to see Uncle Andrew, played at the playground and did the slide with Aunta Tasha about a million times, endured temper tantrums, laughed, and much more. I have to say as my mother packed up her things to leave to head back to Atlanta, there was a pang in my tummy and lump in my throat. I wanted to say, “Please don't leave me.” But, I breathed deep into my 26 year old soul and reminded myself that Josh was still with me. I wasn't going to be alone. But there is something to say about having your mom close by. You can just…be.

On a more present topic:

Today, Copey had a play date with her best friend since birth, Jayden. They played with bubbles, paint, and colored. It was a blast to watch. It's so fun to watch them play. The wonder in their eyes as I blew the bubbles and the expression on Jayden's face as he touched finger paint for the first time was priceless. Ah, little people are so much fun.

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  1. ok….totally cute…do you think copeland looks like Jackson at all? cause i totally think that she does…glad she got to have fun with her totally cool g-ma!!love ya!kelly

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