Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease

So, I walked into the YMCA childwatch area and noticed a sign hanging up saying, “Please note that your child may have been exposed to Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.” At that moment, the bells went off…OH!!!!!!!!!! You see, last week Copey had a high fever yet again. Josh and I dealt with it like champs. Held her all night and comforted her throughout the day. We were at Uncle Andrew’s and Tasha’s so we just laid in their bed and watched Disney’s Playhouse all morning. The next few days Copey was so irritable saying “ouch” and pointing to her tongue. We thought, “she must be teething.” Then she got a few bumps on her hand. And on her lower leg. And on her mouth and on her tongue. DUH!!!! She is such a tough girl! Hand Foot and Mouth disease…wow. Is there any other contagious thing out there that I need to know about before my daughter gets it?
Through all that, we had fun at Uncle Doodrew’s and Aunt Tasha’s. And we had fun when Grandpa Bill came to town- which I will post some pictures real soon. They had a good time together making each other laugh. I know where she gets most of her goofy nature- Grampa Bill! We were sad to see him leave yesterday afternoon but were glad to have been able to see him a bit and be totally spoiled!

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