Exciting News…

Last night, mother’s day ended with one of the biggest blessings I could have asked for- the decision to start the adoption process. Yes! I know! It was like the best Christmas morning times 100,000! So, here we go…stepping out of the logical box and trusting that God is opening doors and will guide us along the way making miracles happen. So, today, as Copeland naps and dreams about a new little brother/sister :0, I will be filling out an application for the adoption agency, Hope’s Promise, for a child that has been in my heart for years and has really shown itself bright in the last year. Oh, I know the road will be hard, but how exciting to see where God will take us. And only He could take us.

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  1. Remember, the road will not necessarily be hard! It is full of wonder and joy and miracles.

  2. yay!!!!! i am so so so excited for you and all of the new and unknown adventures for you, Josh and Copeland!!

  3. where you is?

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