M.I.A. but for a reason…

Sorry I have been M.I.A. for awhile. There were big changes in our whole adoption process and we wanted to tell the whole family before blogging about it to the world. ha. So here it is…

Well, God has different plans for us right now. It’s still a baby but now the baby is growing inside of me. Yes, we are pregnant!!! We are super excited! You may be wondering about the adoption process…well, we are still passionate about that, too. It will just have to wait a year or two.

That is our big news around here! And on top of that, we are finishing up all of our remodeling on our house this week to put it on the market. We still don’t know really where we are going to land, but we are open to wherever.

And only 8 days until we head out to Atlanta to visit family and then go to the beach!!!

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  1. HOLY KRAP!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! that is really really really amazing…i can\’t believe it! awww…i am so happy for you. and i love you a lot. times 10!

  2. Can\’t wait to see you kids.Josh

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