Forgot my preggo symptoms to share…

Despite the last two days being very productive, my body decided to go into turbo morning sickness mood. Lots of waves of nauseas-ness and wooiness. I think this time is more intense than with Copeland. But who knows, maybe I blocked it out of my mind.

So far my food aversions or other things:
1. Garlic and oil (ew, I think I about throw up typing it).
2. Cheese…particularly brie cheese
3. The smell of paint…yes, its permanently seered into my nose hairs.
4. Anything metal, my mouth can detect it or my nose can smell it. It’s awful!
5. Of course, stinky diapers.
6. Oh, tonight I craved pizza, but not any pizza it had to be Boreillos pizza off of Platte Ave. Thin crust, greasy, pepporoni, and hot chili peppers on top. YUM!!!! And garlic knots.

Weird preggo symptoms other than that at this point:
1. I go pee 3x a night on average.
2. Call me in the early morning or around 1pm and I am draggin’.
3. My fingers get all tingly.
4. Crying after watching a Visa commercial about a runner and his dad finishing a race after he injured himself.
5. I’ve got some WACKY dreams, thats for sure.

Hope you enjoyed my fun list of preggo symptoms at almost 7 weeks preggos!

2 responses to “Forgot my preggo symptoms to share…”

  1. You\’re not supposed to eat brie cheese anyway. Sounds fun being pregnant.

  2. Oh yea, I forgot. Oh well, cause I ate about a half of a slice from Whole Foods last weekend and kept having the grossest dreams about brie cheese. And now, it makes me want to throw up thinking about it.

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