Poop in the Potty, a Thanks, The Shack, and Naps

1. Hooray for Copeland! The morning after my last post, she told Josh she had “poopoo” and she ran into the bathroom and went poopoo on her potty chair! Wow! Big step!

2. This morning I had a precious moment with Copey…here is the conversation:
Setting- standing in the kitchen after just waking up. I was holding Copey in my arms.
Copeland: Thank… (or in her way of saying it…Thhhhhhh-ANK)
Me: Thank? (thinking is that really what she said?)
Copeland: Thank…you. (She said this while holding her hand up to my cheek and looking into my eyes.)
Ah…melt me.

3. I am super tired from staying up way too late reading a new book I got at the library. The Shack, which is a MOPS conversation piece at social gatherings, is very popular. Well, I started it last night, knowing there were some rough scenes in the beginning. Well, for my preggos emotionally imbalanced self, it was not a good thing to read right before bed. It was horribly gut wrenchingly sad. I am looking forward to the redemptive side of this book. What is the sad part is that things like this really do happen in our world. Ugh…sick perverted sad people…anyway, I will keep you posted if it gets any better.

4. Copey has been protesting her amazing 3 1/2 hour long naps and has gone to maybe an hour a day lately. This would be like 5 days in a row. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is when I want to just be by myself for more than five minutes. Ok, so maybe I had an hour, but still…

I guess, now I gotta figure out what we are going to do for the rest of the day.

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  1. What will you do with your extra time? You\’re going to meet me for coffee!!! I have a Starbucks gift card burning a hole in my pocket and it has been way too long since we\’ve chatted. Email me and we\’ll set it up!

  2. how precious!!

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