My Attempt to Have a "Happy Heart" Today…

Since I’ve been on a complaining streak this week with family and friends, I’ve decided to make a list of what I am thankful for to…as I say to Copeland…”have a happy heart.” Here it goes:

I am thankful for…
1. Early morning hot, fresh coffee…especially when I get to steal Josh’s mug or the one my dad used to drink out of when I was really little.
2. PBS in the morning- Clifford, Super Why (even though it is annoying).
3. The Downtown YMCA- for some reason its the only YMCA that Copeland doesn’t cry when I leave.
4. Workouts with my friend, Beck.
5. Getting a brand new blender yesterday to make protein smoothies for my workout so I won’t pass out.
6. Those loopidy loops that Little Jr. does in my belly.
7. Copeland blowing our minds at how much she is learning everyday.
8. My MOPS group…I am so thankful for what an amazing group of women God has surrounded me with this year!
9. Time alone.
10. Time with fun friends…especially getting coffee.
11. Target runs.
12. Being the wife of Joshua Anthony Chadwick.
13. Snuggle time with newborns.
14. Copeland’s sense of humor. For instance, putting her cloth napkin over her face the other night and then trying to take a drink through the napkin. And giggling underneath.
15. Fall days…except its felt more like summer the past couple of days.

Ok, I think I am starting to have that “happy heart” I was looking for. The problem is when I tell Copeland she needs to have a “happy heart” and then she acts up again, she GETS to have a TIME OUT. Where’s my TIME OUT?

Breathe in…breathe out. Today I will choose to be thankful.

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  1. What a great inspiration! Thanks for helping me have a \”happy heart\” today.

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