My Brown Soft Robe

I am officially a mom. Not that changing a diaper or gently guiding an almost two year old each day isn’t being a mom, but THIS is being a mom. I realized I’ve never owned the “mom symbol”…the cushy robe. The robe that each morning you get to wrap yourself up with and the robe that will get burnt on the stove or coffee spilt on. The robe that will be embraced by little ones with snotty noses, tired eyes, crazy hair. The robe that may possibly be my fashion statement as I drop my kids off to school- hopefully not, but you never know. I am in no way making any judgements until I hit that point in my motherhood. This robe is wow! Number one, its brown. Number two, its like a giant teddy bear. Number three according to the tag on it- “Its poetry on me”. Even though I personally don’t think that I will be “poetry” while wearing it, it is a little piece of heaven in the morning.

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  1. i love this. i want a mommy robe. but i need kids first. they are every where. did you know this? every time i turn around there\’s another little cutie running by in the store. the clock is ticking. maybe i should put a robe on layaway.

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