A Busy Life, Re-thought

Since the beginning of September, life has flown by leaving my hair tasseled in the wind. It has been two things. It has been great, and it has been tiring. I’m not burnt out, but I am just thinking, “man, I need to take a breather.”
Here’s a quick list of what I am juggling…

1. Being a wife.
2. Being a mommy- trying to be a good one, too.
3. Being a friend to many and also trying to keep connected with my best friends.
4. Being a personal trainer.
5. Being an entrepreneur in trying to start a new prenatal work out class.
6. Being a prenatal yoga guru.
7. Being a finance manager- not too good at it.
8. Being a teacher to my daughter who loves to learn, but I’ve no creativity.
9. Being pregnant.
10. Being on MOPS ministry, which has been such a blessing!

Now, don’t get me wrong- I absolutely LOVE each of these things! I love that life is filled with good things. However…you knew it was coming…when do you start to lose control or start to take away from one thing in sacrifice for the other.
In three months or so, our family will expand to two munchkins to take care of. This is where my heart keeps turning. Do I need to be home more? Do I need to take a step back and see what is truly on my “to do” list?
Today as I took Copeland to the doctor to check to make sure she didn’t have the RSV thing, the doctor said she was fine. BUT, he was worried that little junior in my belly was going to be born in the thick of RSV season. He is a pretty laid back doctor so when he said with a straight face- I would not take him to MOPS, the Y, church nursery, or anywhere where there could be a cold for three months. Any cold in us adults can be RSV, it is just not as traumatic as it would be for a newborn to get it. I already know how traumatic it was for a toddler to have it! I can’t even imagine. So here I am running down busy street of “to do’s” and “errands” and “healthy things for myself to do”, come to a screeching hault- hmmm…what is priority?

3 responses to “A Busy Life, Re-thought”

  1. I know. I KNOW!!!! For me the part that has fallen by the wayside is friends. Have you noticed I\’m terrible at getting together with you? But when everything else HAS to get done, going out with friends feels like a luxury. I don\’t know how to juggle it all, but my family has to come first. I am trying keep it all balanced but it is hard. Sorry about the doctor\’s news. What will you do?

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  3. Seriously worth considering. You only have a short time really in that first year, when you look back on that time…it goes TOO fast. RSV is seriously scary on those immature immune systems. I know it\’s a hard thing for you to do…but stretching yourself thin is no fun either. While everything you do is good, too much of a good thing, is not good. I love you and hope I am not preachy. 🙂

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