Halloween and other Copeland pictures

This was Copeland’s 2nd year trick or treating; however, it was the first she actually was into it. We didn’t have to run and place her in front of the door this year. This year she and her “best friend in da whole wide world” (you have to say it really fast), Jayden went trick or treating together. She was a pig and he was a cow. They couldn’t have been cuter. Right now, I only have one picture from my phone but I will post some more of the two of them together. They were precious holding hands down the side walk. And so cute at the doors of people’s houses. JJ was really good at saying, “Trick or treat!” Copey would just say, “Trick………..treat” and then grab a piece of candy. But she was very polite and would say thank you. One door a lady said, “Can you say trick or treat?” And Copeland responded, “Yea.” And then grabbed a piece of candy and turned around. It was pretty funny. Surprisingly, she wasn’t scared of all the gigantic hanging ghosts or grim reapers. She racked up on candy though. We are considering using it as bribery for potty training.

These other pictures are from our new camera. Yes, Josh’s almost 7 year old camera went kaputt. These pictures are from Josh playing with the camera when I got home from work yesterday. Copeland was all about giving me loving and wanted me to tickle her. She’s so cute. Enjoy!

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  1. Copeland looks SO much like her mommy! 🙂

  2. what a sweetie!!!

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