I have a problem…

I have a problem. Yes, a habit that I guess I have had since I was a kid or at least a teenager. My angst drives me to do it. Or maybe I can’t just do one thing at a time. It has left my things destroyed. I don’t know how to stop. We have spent money over and over again replacing it with a new one. I have a problem- I bite my toothbrush. Yes, I bite my toothbrush. It takes me a good three weeks to go through a good solid toothbrush before the bristles are all bent down in defeat, and then it is time for a new one. I do not know what lies behind the anger towards my brushing friend. As some of you know, my family is considered the “Teeth Family” in some parts. Maybe it is the expectation to show off my pearly whites. Or maybe it is rebellion towards REALLY brushing my teeth. The sad thing- it is hereditary. My daughter, who has her own spinny brush, tends to bite hers, as well. Of course, I sit with her while she brushes and tell her “don’t bite it.” What a hypocrite I am. Oh, to save a toothbrush. One day, maybe my addiction of demolishing toothbrushes will stop.

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  1. Kristin this section is so cute–I love the way you wrote about your toothbrush! I didn\’t know you had a blog, but I saw the link on the email you just sent me and now I have it bookmarked. FUN pics, too! : )

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