A Golden Secret

I crawled out of bed this morning to the urgency of the bathroom calling- usually, I get up about three times during the night to not have this dreaded OVERWHELMING urge to run to the restroom first thing. But I slept well. I’ll take that. But I rolled over in bed and noticed a gap in the curtains in our overly wide window. It was gold outside. Without my glasses on, it looked like a secret box with a golden light shining through. What is that?! I opened up the curtain and there it was- the sky. The sky looked as though it had a secret. It was all wrapped up in golden shadows of the moon and reflected the frost and unique snowflakes on the ground. Standing six inches from the window, I could feel the coldness of outside. But it was a fresh feeling, like, “I know, you don’t have to worry your secret is safe with me…” What is the secret that the sky whispers in the early morning? I think, it’s of God’s love. His amazing love for us manifested in the creativity of nature. Even without the actual magnificent sun visible in the skyline- there before us each morning is a new creation in the sky. So if your ever up early enough to experience His artwork, even in the darkest of the night- there is beauty in the stillness. Listen with your heart. See with your senses. It is not hard to miss but you may lose the majestic artwork if your too busy to be watchful.

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  1. I love those moments! Thanks for sharing it!

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