Ryker John’s Experience in My Belly (35 weeks)

STRONG MAN…that’s what his name means and that’s exactly what he lives up to in my belly.

He has slowed his movements down but they are packed full of strength. We are both getting frustrated with the whole space issue. I feel him in all places at all times. I feel his little fingers on my bladder and sometimes punching me in the hip bone. His butt seems to be in permanent “sticking out” mode to the left of my belly button. His feet like to rub together under my ribs and along my ribs. I wish in some ways I could expand just a little more, so we would both feel comfortable. But I don’t see that as being possible as I think if I stretched out any further my belly skin would be translucent.

This past week I have basically been taking it super easy as I have had “signs” of early labor. Taking it super easy is almost funny when you have a two year old, but I am trying to not do as much. Today is my last class of teaching my fellow preggos girls at the YMCA. They have been great- not unlike my other turbo preggos friends- they are all about getting sweaty and working out super hard till the end. Unfortunately, I have to swallow my pride today and just walk around and just explain what to do. Jessica, my midwife, said no exercising or lifting weights until 36 weeks- which is eight days. Next week I go into her to see if I am starting to dilate at all or showing other signs of an impending labor. Crazy…it’s so close. Even if for some odd reason that I do go over my due date, it is still so close! I can’t believe I will have a newborn again…how blessed am I! And how scary!

Peace out for now…I’ll keep you posted on Ryker’s status.

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