Epiphanies of Sleep Deprivation

1. I get really perturbed if the laundry can’t be folded within five minutes of the dryer stopping.
2. If I can’t clean up the crumbs, dishes, coffee stains on the counter, or even get dressed before lunch time, I will survive.
3. Motherhood changes who you are, despite all your efforts to remain the same.
4. I am able to do nine things at once- feed Ryker, drink water, change the channel for Copeland, check my voicemail then text message, check Facebook, read a book, think of what I do next, and breathe all at the same time.
5. The middle of the night is a great time to pray- if you can think straight.
6. No matter how many books you read on how to parent a child, you won’t know until you’ve already experienced it.
7. Only other moms truly understand how you feel.
8. 4 people can survive in harmony in one tiny condo house.
9. God shows up even when I want to pull my hair out and am at my wits end.
10. Even though life is tough, I would not trade it for anything.

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  1. yay for epiphanies! #3, #7 and the last one for sure. I bet praying in the middle of the night would be good…but I am one of those that usually slept through middle of the night feedings. zombie-ish. and early morning, and late afternoon. ha!love you!

  2. Such wonderful epiphanies!!#1 – laundry doesn't stop, even after 30 years and the 5th child almost grown!!#2 – You will survive, honey, and will look back and want your little one's crumbs & messes again!!#3 – Yes, motherhood changes you into who you were meant to be because our Lord treasures mothers, for they help Him mold little ones to grow to love Him and worship Him!#4 – You rock, girl!! You will master the multi-tasking!#5 – So true – it's amazing who all comes to mind to pray for in the middle of the night!!#6 – There is no real guidance except the Lord & His holy spirit!#7 – God truly blesses us with other moms who do understand and can stand by us!#8 – Daddy used to say, \”Well, we could live in the small shed we built if we had to.\” (We had four kids at the time!) You can live anywhere as long as you're together and there is love!!#9 – He will always show up because He's right beside you with His arms wrapped around you every minute waiting for you to say, \”Help me, Daddy!\”#10 – What a wonderful place to be! Keep that perspective & you & Josh will make it!!Love you and miss you soooo! Mom C.

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