Guilty Pleasures Part 2

I had to write a few more. My brain just kept going after I wrote the previous post so I thought I would list them as PART TWO of Guilty Pleasures (but I don’t know if they are necessarily “guilty”:

1. Sitting on the couch and watching mindless t.v. while the kiddos take naps.
2. Dipping a spoon into the peanut butter jar and eating next to my peanut-butter loathing husband.
3. Smelling my husband’s shirts at the end of the day…there is something about his cologne mixed with his smell that makes me happy.
4. Slipping into bed after taking a hot shower and shaving my legs. That doesn’t happen too much anymore.
5. I absolutely LOVE running in the rain.
6. I love getting muddy/ dirty. I used to make it a goal to see how dirty I could get after my softball games in high school.
7. Being lazy with Josh almost every Saturday during football season.
8. Going to COSTCO during sampling hour and getting full on free food.
9. Sneaking in food to the movie theatre.
10. Sometimes I will read US magazine while working out- it is pure entertainment.

Ok, so that was part two. I want to hear from those who are reading the blog what your guilty pleasures are too.

2 responses to “Guilty Pleasures Part 2”

  1. Kristin! I just came across your blog for the first time! What a great idea. I love it!Gosh, guilty pleasures are aplenty \’round here.1) When Patrick\’s not looking, I sneak an extra layer of chocolate flavored hard topping on my ice cream. Then he wonders why we run out so fast.2) When pumping gas, I\’ll always try to get it to land on an even dollar amount. If I go over by a few cents, I\’ll just go up to the next dollar and try again. Weirdo!3) If my dog lets me sleep through the night, I\’ll plop an extra spoonful or two of food in her bowl the following morning.4) When Patrick leaves for work early at 5:00 am, I wiggle my way to his side of the bed to steal his pillows. They smell like him. I used to do this when he\’d leave to go on tour with the band because I missed him so much.4) I pile salt on everything. Best guilty pleasure of all time. Yay, sodium!Thanks for letting me share!Glad we\’re both so weird!xoxo…

  2. I did my list. Thanks for the inspiration.:0

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