In Awe on this Easter Morn

It snows outside and my heart is warm with awe and love in the glory of Jesus. He has conquered death. Turned over the grave and handed it back to Satan and said, “I am Greater than You. My “Passion” is for my children, my Bride.” I love the genuineness of my sister who said yesterday to her mom, “Mom, I am SO in love with Jesus.” Knowing the grace and full redemption she has in Him, she believes. A family tradition of celebrating Passover together brought us all together. In reading through God’s provisions and His unending love, I continue to be amazed and boggled. Then, to read the medical descriptions of His crucifixion, it tore at the hearts of each of us. Oh, how He loves us. True, there is much pain and much suffering- God didn’t want that to happen. But He wants us to CHOSE him…not make us love him. In that pain and suffering, His LOVE ENDURES FOREVER.

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