Decisions, Decisions

Today our fabulous realtor came over to take photos of the house and put his sign up in our yard. I can’t believe its finally here. Thank goodness. Last year we had our house on the market; however, the stress this time around was double time. Obviously, if it didn’t sell last time, we had to do something different. So, basically our house got another makeover.

Now that the pressure of getting things perfected are temporarily at peace (at least until a showing), my thoughts turned to, now what? Where do we go? What if our house sells quickly? Where do we want to live? I am constantly torn between family and friends of past and present. Torn in my spirit of leaving and cleaving vs. just wanting to have my family near. Torn of all the blessings we would leave behind here to go somewhere new and scary and frankly, not our style. My spirit thrives off of sunny Colorado days, especially when I get to have an adventure or two out in the mountains. But my spirit also feels so at home when I am with my mom and my brothers’ families. We have amazing families in each place that pull on our hearts. I guess I will just see what happens next. Wait to watch it unfold. Sit back and try to let Josh figure it out. I fear if I say or ask too much I am “that nagging wife” that is more annoying than a dripping faucet. But, I crave an adventure with my sweet hubby. Something new, but not a new baby 🙂
Life has gotten too busy with to-do’s and work and well, life. It’s time to rearrange and turn a corner to a new adventure. It’s deciding time.

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