Expectations Always Fall Through

It’s funny how we expect things- we foolishly think we can anticipate the future. Ha. We have these set up rules or thoughts that automatically fill our brain. No matter what we do or other people do, they will either shatter what you had hoped would happen or they totally exceed the expectations you had in your mind. What is hard is to just be in the moment. How do you let go of expectations and do that?

When I was a single gal, I remember asking my brother and his wife, “What was the biggest thing you are learning or have learned being married?” Their response, “Don’t have expectations. You’ll be disappointed every time.” Wise words, I must say. But how do you implement that in reality? You will always expect a certain outcome. Maybe it’s about being open minded and thankful for whatever you got.

Hmm…my deep thought for the morning. How do you deal with fallen expectations?

2 responses to “Expectations Always Fall Through”

  1. Hope your okay with me following your blog! I am enjoying getting to know you through it! We have way more in common than we thought we did that one icebreaker day in MOPS forever ago 🙂

  2. I don\’t think that it\’s completely unrealistic to have expectations that should be met. Some of that has to be a part of relationships…if, for example, you have expectations of your spouse to fulfill certain obligations…that\’s to be part of the marriage deal. right?! And sometimes, your reality far exceeds your expectations…like your children. Could you have ever expected the love you feel for them? But do you expect that they follow certain rules, yes. And when they don\’t you can\’t just say, oh well, I shouldn\’t have expected so much. Bringing unfair expectations into relationships like so and so will make dinner every night and so and so will bring flowers every friday etc…those are the kinds that need to be let go of. Some of the expectations we have of each other are natural and should be held up, however. And when someone really lets us down, we should let them know how it hurt us. Even if we shouldn\’t \”EXPECT\” anything. It\’s also called respect.Just my 2 cents….per usual. You know you can always expect that. 🙂

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