what an ugly word.

*less than 1% of people in the U.S. are diagnosed with this.

though we are not positive that this is the exact name for the cancer, it still is so ugly. cancer.

i never would have thought out of all people he would have cancer.

but I WILL HOLD MY HEAD UP and HOLD MY HEART STRONG…for my dad. I believe in him. His spirit. His fight. His perseverance.

i know in this there is a Purpose. i surrender to learn and to lean on Him. separated from family i will cling to the One who is my home and Comfort. but it is a lonely road. a hopeless and scary road ahead. answers yearned to be filled. knowledge to be acquired.

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  1. Visit http://www.cholangiocarcinoma.org – you will find a lot of help there.

  2. (((((((HUG)))))))))I wish I could offer more. 🙁

  3. Thanks for the hug Sara…Stacie- sorry for the spaciness…but remind who you are again?

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