Still My Dad

I have an amazing friend. I think she knows me more than I know my own feelings and thoughts. I am moved beyond words and welling up with tears as I think of her friendship and love. This is what she wrote for me after hearing about the outcome of the surgery. It is truly beautiful.

“still my dad”


it’s creeping in
trying to take him
like everything
trying to take him
away from me

he was already away
a new life
a new family
yet still mine
still mine first
still my dad

so strong
such an inspiration to me
to us all
why now this?
just trying to make sense
but he’s still mine
mine through this
still my dad

through the road ahead
the chemo
the pain
the long talks on the phone
and all that is unknown-

i’ll still be his
be here through it all
his little girl…
and he’ll be mine
like it always should be
still mine
still my own
still my dad

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