Urked because…

As I was leaving Chick-a-la-la today, I was already frazzled from a crazy morning of disappointments and readjusting schedules and attempting to avoid meltdowns as much as possible…I was holding the babe in one arm, with diaper bag slung on the shoulder trying to guide C out the door. A couple people entered the other side while I was struggling to make it out the door. Cope got slammed in the face by the exiting door while these other people just walked by like no big deal. Where is the courteous action of helping a struggling mom? Maybe I am taking it too personal, but you would think if people took their heads out of their rear ends from time to time they would notice when someone is struggling just to open a door. Grr…

On a side note: I am definitely guilty of overlooking others needs, too. I apologize if I have ever done this to you.

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