(Watching Your Children) Growing Up is Hard to Do

I’ve had two moments this past week that have taken over all senses and brought me to tears.
1. Ry now ways almost 17 lbs and has transitioned into a non-infant car seat. This in turn means that Copeland has to give up her car seat so that Ry can use it. Of course, it will be rear facing now. So, we ventured over to Walmart immediately following the 6 month check up for Ry to buy Copeland her “big kid” car seat. We found the perfect one. We are so blessed that all this time we have never had to personally buy a car seat, so Josh (good ol’ safe Daddy) went all out for Copey. He got her a car seat that will later turn into a booster…here is the cherry on top- it has LIGHTS on the headrest in case, you know if your child would like to read at night in the car. Only the best for our not-so little girl. Anyway, we took her old seat out and moved it to Ry’s side of the car. You would think I would be sad about Ry transitioning out of his first car seat, but no. We called Copey to come out and try the new big kid seat with a REAL seatbelt. She sat in it and we buckled her up giving her the rules of NEVER UNBUCKLE your seatbelt unless we are parked. And then, I just sat and felt like I was in a movie with sad transitional music soundtracking in my brain. She was no longer my little baby girl. I had a moment of sadness at her continual independence. But I am so proud of her in the almost three years I’ve watched her grow.
2. Yesterday I signed Copey up for preschool in the fall. Holy Crap! I actually woke myself up last night thinking about it. What will her teachers be like? Will they know this and that about her? Will I be THAT parent? Will I be the helpful parent that I LOVED so much when I taught little ones? Was I making the right decision? Would she enjoy it? Will she get sick over and over again? Will she be the smartest in her class? The slowest? Does it matter? Will she love on the others? Be bullied?
Wow…a whole new realm of mothering has entered into the room and its a bit scary and a whole lot of exciting.

3 responses to “(Watching Your Children) Growing Up is Hard to Do”

  1. scary….AND a WHOLE lot of exciting. She's so precious. And she will definitely LOVE it! It is amazing to see how they grow and then one day, you can hardly remember them small……sigh. ugh.

  2. And when you speak of the so-called \”THAT crazy mom\”…are you referring to me?:)Where is she going to pre-school?

  3. No, no, no…\”that\” parent could be anyone 🙂 Cope's is the #1 on the wait list at First Pres. So hopefully there since I will already be going there a lot for MOPS stuff.

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