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  1. Only The Good Spy Young. πŸ™‚ teen spy novel.)

  2. oh and did you know there is a Strong Mothers, Strong Sons book?

  3. oh and did I steal your blog design, or did you steal mine? LOL. I probably stole yours…I'll get my hubby right on that….

  4. A couple ideas: for light reading I like the \”No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency\” series by Alexander McCall Smith; and lately I've really gotten into the \”Outlander\” series by Diana Gabaldon (start at the beginning with \”Outlander\”)

  5. I have to ditto Sara. I am currently reading Book #7 of the Outlander series. I LOVE, LOVE these books. Jamie and Claire are my most favortive literary couple.For a little shorter, easier read I really like The Spellman books by Lisa Lutz. Fun, easy reads.

  6. Thanks for all the suggestions! I just did my \”holds list\” for the library with all the suggested reads. I seriously needed something other to read than pregnancy books. Heather- not sure who stole whose design, but I am honored that we liked the same one πŸ™‚

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