What are you reading?

Just curious what is on everyone’s list of reads at the moment. Mine is quite eclectic.

The Bible
The New Strong Willed Child
Bringing Up Girls
The Multiple Pregnancy Sourcebook
Strong Women, Soft Hearts

So what is on your list right now? I need a fun book.

6 responses to “What are you reading?”

  1. Only The Good Spy Young. 🙂 teen spy novel.)

  2. oh and did you know there is a Strong Mothers, Strong Sons book?

  3. oh and did I steal your blog design, or did you steal mine? LOL. I probably stole yours…I'll get my hubby right on that….

  4. A couple ideas: for light reading I like the \”No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency\” series by Alexander McCall Smith; and lately I've really gotten into the \”Outlander\” series by Diana Gabaldon (start at the beginning with \”Outlander\”)

  5. I have to ditto Sara. I am currently reading Book #7 of the Outlander series. I LOVE, LOVE these books. Jamie and Claire are my most favortive literary couple.For a little shorter, easier read I really like The Spellman books by Lisa Lutz. Fun, easy reads.

  6. Thanks for all the suggestions! I just did my \”holds list\” for the library with all the suggested reads. I seriously needed something other to read than pregnancy books. Heather- not sure who stole whose design, but I am honored that we liked the same one 🙂

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