35 1/2 weeks

To say the least, this week I have hit the “miserable” mark. I have physically never felt so weary in my life. Not at all. Not even while I was in early labor with Copeland or Ryker. In fact, I would much rather hike up the incline 9 months preggos (like I did with Copeland, and yes, I am bragging) with one kid in my uterus than just carry two in my womb at 9 months. My hips no longer feel like they are “breaking” but are broken. For instance, every time I have to get up from sitting down, it takes me a good ten steps to feel sort of in control of my legs. The recent pain is the constant tightness in my lower belly and upper hips.


With all of this, I am excited and anxiously awaiting each little baby. I am so overjoyed with the thought that I get two! precious boys to hold. In a not-so-normal Kristin way, I really want to buy them a matching outfit for right after they are born to embrace their “twin-ness.”

Hope all is well with everyone…

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  1. You are almost there, girl! Hang in there! Won't this be a memory you will always be able to retell the boys?! So can we buy them matching outfits from Grama & Grampa??!! Ha ha!! How much fun!! Love you! Mom Chadwick

  2. How can I be of help to your right now?

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