See Right Through

He lays helpless on the receiving blanket. Spit up dripping down his puffy cheek. Legs kicking quietly. Skin so soft yet a little dry from this Colorado weather. His eyes catch me. They reach far into my spirit. I have rarely felt this naked emotionally and spiritually. He sees me. This precious little one, sees me. He has a gift. I claim it now. Not even three months old and his gift shines through. I get to be this little boy’s mama! He is wise already. His eyes pierce through me. And not just me. Anyone he gazes upon. There is something there. Inquisitive little one. I wonder what life will bring him. Will he be a writer? a philosopher? a poet? a psychologist? who knows. But I know those eyes will be branded on my heart forever. I love you, my sweet Emerson.

“A great soul will be strong to live as well as think.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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