Good Night Moon

A classic children’s story book by Margaret Wise Brown

Tonight as I was soaking up my precious good night time with Ryker, I was thinking how special this book is to me. From the first time I read it to my then infant nephew, Jackson, while he sat in my lap to reading it till I memorized the whole thing for baby Copeland to now. My two year old yells for me to come and read him this book and put him to bed. It can be frustrating, especially when there are other needs that need to be met, and no one else BUT ME can put him to bed. But when he snuggles in on my lap after his long rambunctious day and sits still, it melts me. The best part is when we get to the “and the old lady whispering hush.” He puts his little finger up to his mouth and whispers, “shhhh…” I love that. I love that he does that AND Copey did it (and probably still would). Precious moments. I will tuck it into my pocket and hold onto it forever.

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  1. Love that book…and both my kids said \”shhhh\” with their fingers to their lips too! Asher still…..Love that you and Jacks had such a special early bond!

  2. I wasn't signed in as me….that wasn't Josh. 🙂

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